How one man tried to sell his soul

How one man tried to sell his soul

Got an email the other day that had a caption ‘ How can I get my soul back , I sold it’ Intriguing ... 

I copy and paste this young man’s story. 

I am from a small town in Germany and work has dried up, I was becoming desperate . I had bills to pay and help my family, my parents were becoming old , i felt responsible and a failure . One night while I was playing poker with my friends in this god forgotten underground club where the only visitors were shady drug dealers or another dodgy folk , I had a drink or two and while at the bar , I spotted a man who looked quite unusual for our small town . He was tall and had aristocratic like features , he was dressed in expensive clothes . I could tell that he came to that poker joint on purpose . He had that determined look . Like a recruiter searching for his next employee . He was actually about to order whiskey and since I was already tipsy I told him it was on me as he looked as a guest of our town . One drink or two more i dont remember and our conversation started going into what I was doing in that horrible , cheap poker place , so I told him I was trying to win some money. He looked at me and said I was exactly the type he was looking to meet in this sad little town . He told me he could help and could give me a good amount of money that same night , all I had to do was to agree to give him my soul. I am sorry, what??! MY SOUL? Is this dude a joker or a lunatic ? I dont even believe in ghosts lol. I was drunk so i was like sure bro how much? Take my soul I dont need it, I need cash. He asked me how much I wanted , and since I thought he was just a clown i said 1000 euros . He smirked and looked at me in a way that sent shivers down my spine . His eyes had something evil in them. They had that look . Last time I saw something like that was when I watched a documentary about a serial killer , he had that same glance . 
The gentleman regained himself and told me the price was too low and I should aim higher as souls are priceless . Before I could give a counter offer , he told me he would give me 35.000 . I agreed . We went to his hotel and he made me sign a paper , what happened next was like in a daze . All I remember is that he told me to jump on a couch and concentrate on his words and his words only. Thats it. When I woke up , I asked him what happened . He said when he put me into hypnosis , he had a meeting with a demon who was possessing me and who spoke to him while i was under . He didnt tell me what was spoken , but when he gave me money and I was about to leave , I asked him who he was . I dont know why I didny ask him that before ??? He told me he was a soul collector . He said he needed souls to put his sins on them as he wanted his own soul pure . He said due to his job ( i dont know what it was) he had to sin a lot , and he’s learnt how to transfer all his sins to others . He thanked me and closed the door behind me . 
I had my money . What was I to expect from then on? Did I not have a soul? Or was it some sort of a sick circus? omg did he rape me ??? Well it was too late to think of that so I just went on with my day.

I will be short : from that night on my life is a living hell. I am constantly haunted , i get visions , bad ones , i hear someone laughing and telling me how cheap I am , how I am not gonna live longer as a soul costing so little is useless , and once its full of sin , I will be gone . I dont know what to do , i am terrified . 


Crazy right? I believe him because when he said that the man told him its possible to transfer one’s sins onto something else , i knew the guy knew what he was talking about. I transfer thing onto the plants , some people use their enemies to be their ‘punching bag’ , some use graves , for example when u need to leave an illness , you can do that. But this story is wild wow .. 


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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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    Did you help him? What happened? I think I can….

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