How to diagnose a situation with Tarot . MUST READ if u want to be a witch

How to diagnose a situation with Tarot . MUST READ if u want to be a witch

How to diagnose a situation with Tarot :


Before we cast ANYTHING AT ALL, we have to know a few things . Obviously if we are talking about easy spells or cleanses , no need to do anything but, when we want to hex, to cast love spells, break up spells, any negative spells  its better be safe then sorry. First of all its very interesting so no excuse to be lazy and second of all.. well we have to know WHAT we are dealing with . There were times when i wanted to hex someone and once i asked the cards ‘whats up ‘ with that person, and saw the person in question had actually some crazy ass protection , i 1) changed my mind and aborted the mission 2) if the mission was necessary i proceeded with the upmost caution by first weakening  their protection and second giving myself 3 or more protections !! And even then - you can get some shit flying your direction. For example there is a girl who I cant stand ( thats mutual) i know she is crazy protected , so i did everything i could to remove the protection and the spell was a great success BUT the migraine i got after working on that chick .... OMG . Lasted for the whole night and made me sick . I dont think i wanna mess with her again, unless she absolutely forces me to ... then im ready to sacrifice one night of sleep . You get my point.


These are the questions we always ask our cards . ( u have to have a solid connection with ur deck )


  • What will happen if we cast a particular spell in this case /on this person?
  • Is the person protected ? If so what KIND OF PROTECTION ? ( the cards normally show a few protections : cemetery , spirit , witchcraft , nature )
  • If you see protection then ask HOW TO REMOVE IT?


This is sufficient for you to stay safe and maximise your results .




To really get connected with your deck , if you just purchased it: just sleep with it for a few days , put it under your pillow , at least thats how i started . And before every session , burn some candles , go into the meditative state , and ASK the cards out loud ‘ tell me the TRUTH please and only the truth ‘ . This works for me ... my cards have been crazy truthful , so much that even i get shocked sometimes 😳


  • tublcicmzx

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Tony Daglish

    I was wondering if you could do a love spell to bring Helen back to me.if she does,then I will join your group as I am very interested in witchcraft and black magic.

  • Lei

    Sick and tired of the bad luck that I know someone put on me my husband of over twenty years leaves his family for a whore now regrets it I swear she put something on him he drinks a lot without her knowing he hides too talk to his family he blocks us so we can’t call him only he can call us with her knowing he told me she does voodoo she uses him for his money which we all knew that but him now he realize that his changed so much for her its irritating I jus want this shit off of our family my son sees spirits and he said there’s a blk spirit on him because of her so tired I jus wants what’s mines back that’s all

  • Simran Murkar

    I wanna learn tarot where can I read about it ?Do I just need to learn the meaning of each card or is there more to it?

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