Revenge on the Saint Valentines day.  Witch’s Story of love and revenge .

Revenge on the Saint Valentines day. Witch’s Story of love and revenge .


Even witches fall hopelessly in love . That kind of love that comes once or twice in a life time . When every second of the day is spent thinking about him. When his voice makes your heart flutter and gives you a smile no matter how bad your day was . That kind of happiness that you will remember for eternity. That kind of love that you will seek in every future relationship but will find it heard to find. You will, but once you know it , you will never settle for anything less then that.


Every fairy tale comes to  an end . Its just the way it is nowadays.


Once it was over the pain that I have felt was so suffocating, I could only breathe when i drank a glass of wine . Every song , every street , everything reminded of him. I left the town for a while . I used to walk the streets at night - crying. I didnt care who would see ... the sorrow felt like death. .


A few months spent at my parents place in the Alps , surrounded by my cats, puppies (!!🥰) , a horse and two ponies have done a magical job and I felt stable . Stable enough to do something about the whole situation. I needed to get him back no matter what was the cost. I was ready for whatever sacrifice .. this was the exact time I got deep into the witchcraft. I have already been practising for years prior to this , but now - it became my reason to wake up every morning. The thought of him being back into my life gave me strength to go on.


As you know my grandmother is a witch , Of course she knew the whole situation but she wanted me to try to get him back using white magic . Not just white but cathedral magic . I was a little worried because since i was a kid i had a feeling ‘ they’ didnt like me much there .. as in they knew i didnt belong .. ( i am talking about christian saints and churches ) the energy in some churches felt heavy to me .. or i started crying uncontrollably, or most times when i asked for something - that would never happen, the exact opposite would happen. So i quit tue church and Christianity. For my own sake.


This time my grandmom said to try anyway , and that I can always go back to my own ways if it fails .


Pre story: while i was doing things on my own without using the cathedral magic ( which works for SO many white witches !!! Like my mom- anything she wants comes into reality when she uses this type of magic!!!) my ex was always alone , never had a gf , ( 4-6 months have gone by since the break up) i knew that he was very unhappy about the break up, people saw him crying at times , and most importantly he was SINGLE and was NOT interested in any female . Which of course was music to my ears.


So I followed my granma’s instructions .. did a few rituals in the church ... stood in a mass ... woke up at 6 am to do church related spells ... after one of those I found out my ex GOT A GIRLFRIEND all of a sudden!!!! This could NOT be happening!!!😭😭😭 however - I must give myself a credit here .. i was not upset for more then 10 minutes , i felt rage .. anger . I knew he loved me still.. what was this bitch doing near him????? That was that with me and white magic. It was just not for me . I stopped everything i was doing , told my grandmom what happened and asked her to never push me towards the cathedral magic again! I was angry... so so angry.


I had to break them up!!!!! I would not sleep until they were done .


I remembered this moroccan spell that I was given by this moroccan lady who had enormous powers in love magic. She could not do anything else but oh boy.. her love spells were like nothing I have ever seen before ... she gave me this spell , ( its ON the blog in the Love section) that breaks a couple up by using an onion.


Night time ... i sat on the marble floor in our villa in southern italy .. the sky was starry... i prepped everything for the spell, and I felt insane hurt.. and wished for nothing else but to break them up. Iv imagined it with every cell in my brain. . Iv done the ritual maybe 3 times in 30 minutes . I have put my entire energy into it and started feeling nauseous right away... ( this is normal at times , when you use up all your energy , you can get a little sick) threw up for 20 min straight and went to sleep.


Three days passed by , i forgot about the ritual ( this is one habit I am glad to have , when we cast we cant dwell and think about it. Forget and let that energy flow ) when someone called me and told me to check my ex’s IG. To my shock and SURPRISE he deleted every pik he had with that chick. He unfollowed her and so did she . Wow wtf... so fast????? Woahhhh... i later found out she got crazy jealous and told him she sensed that he still loved me and felt like he was using her to ease his pain...


Yes they broke up.. it all worked . My next step was to get him back to ME.


Whoever tells you love spells work fast is a scammer . It depends what you use to cast it. White magic - will take god knows how long, sometimes years. If you call demons - thats fast , maybe 3 weeks but doesnt last. If you use cemeteries , it may take long to manifest but lasts longish . 4-8 months . Which gives you enough time to get him back naturally. Anyway, i decided I was going to start with a ‘come to me ‘ spell using a cemetery and a grave with the same name as his . Fml... i looked at the death records in the entire europe to find a grave like that!!! I found one ... i travelled there ( luckily it was a gorgeous place ) it was raining on the day of my ritual , yet i still went. . I have done what i had to do and went about my business .


I kid you not, when i bumped into him face to face , to the point where only 100 cm were between us , my heart sank and i could see in his eyes - pain. . I kept my composure . . And waited. A few days have passed and he sent me an email... this is the person who told the world he hated me . His email was asking me to forgive him. That he cant forget me ... and suddenly i felt... nothing. I felt NOTHING. I felt betrayed .. i clearly remembered what he had done to me .. i felt like he was a dickhead who never deserved me . He was my king.. i was loyal as a dog , i loved him so much id die for him.. and he betrayed me . There was no way Id ever be able to forgive ...

He ended up stalking me for 6 months ... and then stopped .



I have not thought about him since...


I do not miss him anymore ...


I know i deserve better ...


I am happy all my rituals worked .


The end .   

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