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Story about a witch seeking immortality.

Story about a witch seeking immortality.

So i get a ton of emails from all kinds of people , some are just being nice and telling me how much they enjoy my content, some are just curious , some are asking legit questions , but some are just legit weird . ( very few i must say but when it happens OH boy it happens 😂) i mean i dont judge , we all had to start somewhere , we all had maybe at times weird expectations but some people take it way too far into the weird zone . 

So this person emails me and says he is immortal . I am like ok cool bro , cool story, how did you do that . ( Sarcasm detected ) So he tells me one night he found a bat, and because he likes vampires he thought a bat is going to help him to transition. He said he made a small cut on a bat ( poor batO!!) took a drop of its blood ( poor batO 2!!) and put it into his tea and went to bed . Ok....dude .. so he wakes up next day and is convinced he is now a vampire ... cuz a drop of that blood ... cuz apparently bats are all vampires ... So now we have this absolute LUNATIC emailing me saying he is a living Vamp and what does he have to do to finalise his transition into the immortality. I tell him ‘man you know its not possible right? I mean we cant cancel BIOLOGY. We can slow down the ageing process with magic AND healthy choices but immortal?!’ This is a part of his email : 


‘ ......... if you are wondering i have 270.000 followers on tiktok and people look up to me unlike u that has a mere 5000 . I have been doing witchcraft for five years and since you claim immortality is not real i now know you are not a credible witch. ‘ at this point i decide to go to his tik tok and am shook. Its a 9 year old CHILD who cuts bats , claims immortality and lives in some town in Ohio . At this point i stopped all communication with him. I am now terrified for the good people of Ohio , they have a maniac growing up , 100%. 

let this settle with you, 200.000 people ( adults as well!) look up to a 9 year old LUNATIC who is delusional, impressionable , barely out of a kindergarten . Does this mean the world is full of stupid or does it mean the worlds gone mad ? Or maybe BOTH and social media just made it more evident????? 


  • Melanie

    I’d alert his folks…. kiddo’s exhibiting signs of a future psychopath….. bless your heart lol

  • Shantae Hardiman

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  • Hopeikui

    Lmao the world is full of crazies. You’d have asked to see his fangs 😂😂

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