About Celebrity Witch

Who am I? 
I am a girl who’s done really well in the entertainment industry and you most likely heard of me .

I have been practising all things witchy for the past ten years . I’ve always wanted to either write a book about my own experience or do a blog, as you can understand when you are passionate about something you want to talk about it,and I can’t speak about my abilities or my interest in the craft openly for the obvious reasons .. i know you can relate to this . So this is why I created this little project.

So many of you are joining and I am here for you as much as I can! You can reach me any time any where ,my priority is to make you happy , hence I always listen to you , and edit my material accordingly.  

My abilities and the way I knew that I was meant to dig into witchcraft. 

  • When I was around 5 i started seeing entities at night...
  • I started remembering the way i died in my past life
  • I started doing rituals without knowing what the f it was ( my mom said she would see me cutting my hair and chanting smth with a candle ) when i was 2(!)
  • When i started seeing what other people were doing on another continent, down to the clothes they wore and when asked they would confirm and start freaking out that I was spying on them. I get visions of what people are doing, what position they sit in, I even saw a guy I was dating shaking someone’s hand , when I asked him- he freaked out as he was just shaking someone’s hand:)
  • I i started knowing when the phone would ring/plane would crush and it did
  • When people who would hurt me like mad would die etc
  • When I started seeing my dead relatives the ones I have never met in my life and in the morning I would describe their tone, manners, clothes, facial expressions ....
  • When i started knowing what a person was going to say right before they said it... 


I had no idea what was happening to me, so I remember staying up till early hours just reading through various witchcraft forums seeking to find information that would help me develop my gift or direct me . I’ve met so many people calling themselves witches but They were all theory, just ordinary women who read a few books. I was not interested in mixing herbs together and hoping for the best. I was not interested in listening to the theory I could find on google . I was interested in those who could have a look at a photo and tell me that person’s past and present , or someone who had visions like I do, or someone who sees spirits and is able to work with them..someone who can do what my grand mom did - she used to work with the police and helped them find bodies with her abilities ! I was looking for someone who was a REAL witch with a REAL gift. And once I found her - she became my mentor . 

So here I am sharing everything that I have learnt and opening my own book of shadows for you. The spells that I have collected ( i post new ones all the time fyi ) are the exact spells used by witches to cast life changing rituals for the VIP’s . The only difference is - i am not charging 1000s and i don’t cast for anybody but myself . I am a firm believer that each one of us is responsible for our own life . I do not believe in paying someone a ton of money and sit and wait for a result when I can learn , and do the same thing for myself . Not like anybody else cares about my problems more then myself ...