About the Club

Join the exciting and empowering community of 800 + modern witches. 

   Club rules for the new members :


  1. we upgrade everything in life , never downgrade
  2. we glow up not glow down
  3. we have all the power and tools that we need to change our life
  4. we do not depend on anybody
  5. we are logical and understand that nobody gives a damn about our own problems more then we do ,therefore it’s in our own interest to deal with them using our own energy and efforts
  6. when we fail, we try again until we get what we want, we do not give up. Ever.
  7. we are smart and we understand that the real witchcraft is not what 99% of social media tells us, we understand that it is saturated with children/teens who create witchcraft related content for the views and likes and is not a true representation of the Craft.
  8. However , we agree that the material presented in this Club consists of a truly sacred and rare information that must be respected

What’s inside :

  • Real spells and secret witchcraft techniques that can not be found elsewhere
  • Love, beauty, success, protection, cleanses , hexes, theory, lunar calendar, advanced techniques and much MUCH more 
  • Discover magic rune formulas ( When we mix traditional witchcraft with runes we become lethally powerful , nordic runes are not just random individual symbols , when you combine the specific ones into a FORMULA, the results are insane. Runes have the entire Nordic egregor behind them!)  
  • Develop and grow your power. This Witch Club will give you a sense of control over every aspect of your life . Get results. Guaranteed. Cancel any time.
  • New spells and rituals added EVERY Tuesday, new theory added every friday night  

 About Memberships

-Standard membership involves EVERYTHING that you see on tik tok and IG and its 8 Dollars a month. This is good if you are starting up . There is a ton of spells and theory from A to Z plus personal tips.


-VIP membership includes everything thats in the STANDARD package  PLUS the BLACK MAGIC special . (Black Magic in my club represents rituals that forcefully add something to our life , be it changing our appearance or forcing someone to contact us . This option is recommended as the spells are more advanced then in the starter pack so if you have some experience or are done with the standard package, you will love this tier ) This tier has a ton of beauty, love , luck and money spells , very strong protection and cleanse rituals ( you will never go back to doing whatever you been doing all this time prior to this, these cleanses are intense , you will feel it..) 


-RUNES membership includes access to EVERYTHING ( standard, VIP , runes 101, and magic rune formulas ) 40 USD a month. This option is for those who seek to posses the true power and to take control over their life completely . If you don’t know anything about the power of runes you will be shook, just like I was when I first started. They act very softly, you don’t feel a thing, and then one day you start noticing that whatever it is that you wanted is happening: word to word 😳. 

-BEAUTY special membership includes everything plus advanced spells for skin, youth, special rune formulas , body, hair etc etc . 60$ 


-One on one mentor program, only a few places available each month. The program is tailored for you and your needs and lasts for as long as needed. Details in the ‘boutique’ section plus/or  i will explain everything personally if you email me. Mentoring is 650 USD  


 Practising witches and total beginners are welcome.