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Become a MEMBER

There is a reason why Celebrity Witch Club is the ONLY community in the world with 1000s of members- many are celebs , influencers , top managers of Fortune 500 listed companies , supermodels, heiresses , actors … and 1000s of reviews .


You have 6 level options to pick from ( below ) :


  1. tester - its a PROMO account with one or two basic basic spells , a few sentences here and there , the level is made for those who want to FEEL the vibe of the Club . 5 usd 
  2. Standard- Theory, basic love spells, hexes, cleanses, health and beauty, basic protection spells , my own diary ( an important read if u want to learn PROPERLY plus its very very interesting ) . This level is a good level to join if you can’t afford a higher level. Many younger members join Standard, do some money and luck spells , then upgrade! 9usd ONLY 
  3. Black magic - this is the level to join if you are serious about the craft, u will have access to standard level too. Black magic has well.. bm magic . Entities , cemetery work included . Theory is included don’t worry.. everything is step by step … 20 usd
  4. Runes - u will have access to bm and standard levels PLUS runes : theory and my super charged formulas for all types of things ( love , cleanses etc) This is the most popular level as people like mixing traditional craft with runes  . 40usd
  5. Beauty- u saw the reviews ??? U saw people losing 10s of kg? U saw people getting snatched faces? Grow 4 cm?? Its all here . ALL levels below including runes are here too. 60 usd 
  6. Advanced - includes all other levels plus advanced level craft. ( serious shit not to be played with) Join when you want to be extra and above everybody else . Shit you see here …. Don’t forget me when all your dreams come true . 



Ready to change your life ? Pick your level below