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1) Standard membership : great for the beginners, a ton of spells addressing all kind of topics such as beauty, love, cleanses, hexes, success, protection etc  and a great amount of theory.  $8 

2) VIP membership , this tier includes everything that is in the standard package PLUS black magic section that includes : Cemetery magic, ancestor magic, entities , a ton of theory and instructions , serious beauty , love , success rituals , strong hexes etc etc , this option is the best selling one ! $20

3) Rune membership: includes everything and everything. But you also get access to my grandmother’s magic rune formulas . You may not realise how strong these runes are, they are not just Nordic symbols . When you compose a formula mixing specific individual runes , the results are crazy! This super VIP access is 40$ a month.


4) The Beauty Edition Membership: EVERYTHING plus a ton of beauty spells. You saw the weight loss video that got a million views , you saw the reviews ( some of them are SHOCKING even to me, that’s how well the weight loss spells work!😅) , so let’s work on other things as well. Hair, skin, youth, beauty and all things related to being gorgeous .