Your questions

  1. Q. Are you really a celeb? Yes I am if being in every magazine counts as being one ( no I am not a reality star🙄) 
  2. Q. Who are your celeb friends that use witchcraft? Artists with platinum albums , elite athletes and a few actors .. also quite a few well known entrepreneurs that I know use magic .
  3. Q. What is the most difficult part of witchcraft for you?  I tend to enjoy love magic and destructive magic more then other things simply because I am more gifted in those areas then the others . 

  4. Q. Why don’t you cast spells for other people ? What if I offer you 7000 dollars? Because I don’t want to invest my own energy for anybody but myself . The content that I am putting out here is enough to make anybody be able to cast their own spells. Wont you rather be able to that on your own any time you want?? 

  5. Q. How do you know that your spells work? Because I have so many of them, and tested the majority. Some work some don’t , it depends on ones energy. I post spells that have worked for me, or my mentor or my grand mom who is naturally very gifted ( she used to help police to find bodies by using her gift) 
  6. Q. Are your spells safe for the beginner ? Every spell i post , I have cast it myself even when i was starting up,  I also include detailed safety instructions when its necessary . 

  7. Q. What if I dont believe in witchcraft? I dont believe that money can appear because I mix some herbs into a jar. I also don’t believe in such magic as that magic is for kids that watch Harry Potter . Real witchcraft is not about aesthetics , but about discipline and rules . It can change your life in ways you have never imagined . Once you join and see my spells and read my notes , you will understand that everything you’ve read before is amateur bullshit for the impressionable 12 year olds;)