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-you will learn the secret witchcraft tips that you will not discover anywhere else. White, black magic. Blood magic. Cemetery magic. Demons and entities . Cathedral witchcraft. Catholic witchcraft. Powerful cleanses. Hexes. A ton of easy love spells, spells to make someone contact you, spells to block someone from getting attracted to anyone else but you. Spells for career. Money spells. Health spells. Spells to weaken someone’s stubborn mind so your spells have a faster effect... spells to remove generational hexes that prevent you from keeping a healthy relationship, spells to get rid of the haters... beauty spells etc etc !!  Learn how to remove someone’s natural protection ( you will learn why this is a MUST ) , learn how to cast anything you want and never get a single side effect.. learn how to protect yourself ( forget useless jars ) i will show you the real protection spells . And MUCH more 

I have information that is not written in any book that is sold online . Everything I know is private, inherited or passed on to me by my Moroccan mentor. 

-you will get a constant drip of the real spells and rituals. (Don’t be fooled by tik tok, that is not witchcraft. That is a content created for likes )

-You will get a free moon cycle calendar, its paramount to use it when you cast. Some days are better for hexes while some are perfect for the love magic. 

I post new spells and tips often,  so for 6 euros ( 8USD) a month you get a ton of info. If we work out the cost per spell its about 0.3 cents per spell

-I post white and black magic spells from the European, Slavic and Moroccan origins . The spells in your membership are OK to use for anybody from a total baby witch to the experienced witches . However , If you are super advanced and ‘Know it all’ check my Advanced black magic spells that are sold separately from the membership for a reason. If you dont know about the cemetery , blood, demon magic, you are not ready. Purchase the standard membership where you will learn and get prepared for the advance craft. ( and dont worry, the spells in the membership are all strong and effective , you will see anyway) 

If you dont think the content I share with you is powerful- cancel anytime .


p.s i am always just a message away , and make sure to read my Witchy Diary , just scroll down . Its a fun read while you have your breakfast or before you go to bed . 

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