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To avoid confusion : 

-Standard membership involves EVERYTHING that you see on tik tok and IG and its 8 Dollars a month. This is good if you are starting up .

-VIP membership includes everything thats in the STANDARD membership PLUS BLACK MAGIC chapter that is sacred. Its 20 USD a month. ( Black Magic in my club means rituals where we are forcefully trying to add something to our life like ‘borrowing beauty’ or FORCING someone to call us when they are in no rush to do so ) 

-RUNES memebership includes access to EVERYTHING ( standard, BM plus my potent custom runes formulas , If you use these , you become lethal in a good sense .#Power ) and its 40 USD a month

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Attention: Mentor program, January

Before booking your mentor program seat please email me so we can check both of our schedules .

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