Sick of looking for spells that work? Or looking for the witchcraft theory and secret tips? Don’t know where to start? Looking for the advance info?

I’ve been where you are at now -10 years ago, so I know the struggle ! I used to stay up late looking for legit information that will allow me to start my witchy journey . Once I’ve learnt the basics I was back at it again trying to find info that will help me to advance . I was not interested in something basic, that anybody could do, I was looking to be able to  to see the future, find objects ( my granny used to work with the police , she can find bodies using her gift)  , work with entities, read people by looking at their photo, I wanted to be able to cast any spell effectively and safely. Once I got where I am today, you cant even imagine how it feels to know that you have this kind of power . 

•Do you want to be able to cast any love spell ?
•Do you want to protect yourself from negativity in such way that nothing will be able to affect you?
•Do you want to develop your abilities?
•Or maybe you’d like to break your ex with their new partner ?
•How about spells that make your imperfections invisible ?
•Or maybe you’d like your bf be loyal just to you ?
•What about being able to bring justice when you’ve been hurt /taken advantage of? 
•You will find spells that I can’t talk about openly on this page ..

This is power 101.

Cast real love spells

Protect and hex ( True power at your fingertips!)

Cleanse. Health. Beautify

A ton of spells for all money/luck issues

Theory and tips they don’t want you to know

Lunar calendar ( VERY IMPORTANT)

Latest spells/notes from my book of shadows posted

-A spell to make a guy desire only you and not any other woman , using period blood . 

-A spell to lock a guy from any other woman but you ( everyone else will just find him revolting) 

-A beauty spell using rose wine and petals

-A beauty spell using a cream and the sunrise ..

-A spell to steal a rich man’s wealth

-A spell to help with sales 

-A spell to make someone txt you/call you if you miss them and they disappeared on you

- A very potent love spell using melted wax 

-A spell for protection using a wax doll of your enemy. All negativity directed to you , will be re directed to the doll. 

-A protection for one year against bad luck, evil eye , etc using a knife , tree and a drop of your blood 

-Notes on how to cast a successful spell

-Notes on deities 

-Notes on the correct way to do offerings, sacrifices, gifts 

-Lunar cycle day by day 

and much more . See you inside !


‘Her spells work!! She helped me to understand how to use my energy in a way that spells manifest into reality! ‘

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‘I have a gift to see auras and also read Information about people by looking at the photo, I am now learning advance magic thanks to the Celebrity Witch (btw  i know her real name -she called herself a celebrity witch because she is a public figure who’s been doing witchy things for many years now ) but she really really knows her thing. You will see once you join’

Clairvoyant witch

‘ This is not a witch club for those who think that a 13 y.o off Tik Tok is able to hex the Moon lol, this website is for those who want to see the real witchcraft’ 


‘I first found out about her on Reddit where she mods a Witchcraft thread with 120.000 members , all of her posts are so real , they stand out , she doesn’t sugar coat anything, I honestly think she is one of the most if not the most knowledgable people on witchcraft I have ever met’ 


‘If you want to dig deep into love magic and hexes- you’ve found your girl ! ‘

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