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5 things I wish I knew about witchcraft 10 years ago



  1. It’s all about energy. Not even about the chants or the ritual parts , but your own energy. If you do not have enough of it, you may have access to the strongest , most insanely powerful spell book the world has seen ( or has not) but… it won’t work if your energy is just NOT it.
  2. People under estimate cleanses and runes . They have the power to change your life - almost instantly. Remember this : almost INSTANTLY
  3. The faster you find what works for YOU , the faster you will live the life you want. What works for one person may not work for another . There is a reason why we have so many spells in the club. FIND . WHAT. WORKS. FOR YOU.
  4. 9/10 people who claim to be working with the high up deities , are simply being played by other entities ………. Do you truly think that someone like Lucifer etc gives a fuck about some random Joe ? How many other ‘Joe’s’ claim to be working /contacted by the high up gods , or entities? Go to tik tok , every second ‘Joe’ is busy being that important. Cmon sis ( or bro) be real .. Joe is being HAD by a random spirit .
  5. People’s hate and criticism is one of the biggest sources of ENERGY!!!! If you are able to feed off that- you will achieve incredible things. That force is a great SOURCE .   

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