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Lemme give you some tough love then....

Some of your common mistakes: 

  • You join the tester level thinking you are being smart and that you are gonna get a ton of value from 5 dollars . Tester level is for you to see if you like the way i talk and teach ok? I am NOT posting new information into that level, i am NOT spending time on that level . Tester level is just that - a TEST for you to see if you want to work with me and join other members . If you do- you JOIN THE LEVEL YOU WANT TO CONCENTRATE ON. If you do not - then you do not. ( Your loss to be honest … and I feel sorry for you. Imagine having a chance to live the dream one day and literally ignoring it) 
  • You join the club and then do not login for weeks and weeks . Ask yourself this : while you are being lazy , other members- many are even younger then you are ,are busting their ass trying everything that I have given them in order to better their life or to create the future of their dreams … and by the time that YOU decide you have some time to login , those people are steps and steps ahead of you. Would you not feel a little bit like a loser ? I am asking you because I would as i am very competitive . I would feel like shit if i spent my time sitting on my ass ( i am obviously exaggerating) while others would be hustling and getting results .  Listen to me : this is not Harry bloody Potter , you must actually Invest your energy and have a solid determination to succeed . Stop wasting your ( and mine!) time if you can’t be fucked to glow up and to level up. If you are serious - you are welcome here . 
  • You do not even understand how much information is inside . Let me explain something for you: i stayed at home writing everything down for a few MONTHS , i have worked non stop 20 or so hours a DAY, so YOU will have EVERYTHING you need to get closer to the life of your dreams or at the very very least so you could improve your current life . 
  • I make it very easy to cancel the membership, u do not even need to email me . Simply go to your paypal account , find the page called PAYMENTS and cancel . No need to contact me and wait. You do you. And if you do not have a membership and got a 30 days pass , you do not need to cancel anything as there is no automatic charge . 
  • You do not study the reviews that i post daily in my stories on IG . Other members are writing them for YOU , to help YOU to stay motivated and to see what YOU could be achieving . Why not stay connected and actually watch my stories? There is so much value for you in them!! 
  • You take the club for granted and do not understand how much time , effort and passion went and is going into it so YOU could level up and fast. Or at least faster then the ‘normal’ people . 







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