If you read this , u will never be broke again: – Celebritywitch

If you read this , u will never be broke again:

For those who are depressed or broke :


I feel you,


We have all been there.


Not judging you.


However I feel like with the life experience that I have i am qualified enough to have this chit chat with you.


So many people message me about their depression or inability to make a lot of money . Let me tell you how i fought with the above .


First of all, my family has always been very very very wealthy , BUT at one point my dad lost it all. My mom started selling her Graff jewellery, it got so bad i had days when i ate only one banana a day. This was before I got into witchcraft , years ago… at some point i thought ‘no more’ . And something in my mind shifted . In a second. I was not the same girl anymore . ( i was a teenager at the time with a mind of a 50 year old …) i knew that from that day and on i would never EVER live the same way, where i had to watch my mom cry each time she could not afford to buy me a nice pair of school boots .. ( it was double hard for her , when u go from an extreme wealth to being broke over night, the shock is too much for most people … a lot give up and commit suicide or become alcos etc )


…. I swear i cant stress this enough…something has to shift in a brain for the life to CHANGE and to change RAPIDLY. Have u ever heard of a story , when someone would almost give up and decide to give it one more go and BOOM they get that big break.


The key is to analyze WHAT you are doing and the results its BEEN BRINGING U.


A lot are stuck in a routine so they have this thinking that they ARE doing a LOT and working hard. Which they are!!!! But is what ur doing bringing u WHAT U WANT?


No? So why not CHANGE something and try that??? U know it took my father ( as an example ) 5 (!!) business ideas to find one that will become successful again after he lost all !!! And guess what?? He NEVER gave up. He would come home and tell my mom that all will be ok.. she would go to sleep and he would sit in his library brainstorming day and night . He never gave up.. he rose up again. He is now doing better then  before .


Lets look at me : do you think the first audition i went to , i was picked ? hahahahhahahahahgahagahagahaghagaga . Yea no girl . However if it was gonna take me 2 years naturally to score it big or semi big , with witchy things it took half a year.


Lets look at this club. When i first started it. Older members of the club will remember how much bullying i got from the hating CUNTS who were not even members or were members but we had a fight so they decided to become assholes , you will remember death threats, lawyers, etc etc… anybody else would have given up but i worked even HARDER to make the club even BETTER , to improve my customer service etc so nobody would become upset or have anything bad to say about me . . Never give up.. when you feel like u cant take it anymore , thats ur sign that ur almost ‘ there’ and push more . U will see the magic happening …


Lets take a look at my day career.. ( another one as i have a few projects) OMG … i had people going on strikes trying to destroy my business … i had media ( ! ) including Vogue against me at some point .. i had investors who tried to rip me off .. so much shit.. so much tears at the time . All worth it. That business became BIG. I had the same people begging me to work with them after ..


I did all of that because my worst fear was to go broke again. I worked 20 hours a DAY for a few YEARS. Which one of u can say the same ? Are u working THAT much on ur dream? No? Why not?


Ask yourself WHY NOT? Or maybe you dont believe in your self enough ?


But who told you that one person can get whatever they want given they do all right and get some luck on the way ( BE THANKFUL U HAVE WITCHCRAFT TO HELP U OR U WILL BE BUSTING UR ASS FOR A DECADE BEFORE U MAKE IT LIKE  THE NORMIES DO )




Lets go to depression quickly. I will give you two ideas that have really helped me at the time :


  1. when you feel depressed its only because you see no way out or u have almost given up and see no light out of it. Stop right there . Solution is easy: CHANGE what ur doing. The result will be different.
  2. when u start feeling sorry for yourself, stop right there : think like this , what have you DONE to CONTRIBUTE to your current state? THINK!!!! Ur not as innocent as u think u are!!!! ( btw Elite Astrologist told me about this trick ! )



This should help u .. i am no therapist… i am speaking from my experience only.. we are all individual .. what works for one may not work for another … however I try to help how i can .. you know me .



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