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Is future prediction real?

You be the judge....


'Hello, I am writing my own experience and everyone is free to believe or disbelieve. Even I am not sure what exactly transpired on that day, so it may well be sheer coincidence or something else. Writing this anonymously as I have some followers whom I don't want to let know that these events occurred to me. It's going to be a long-ish read.

I belong to Assam in India and there’s a place called ‘Mayong’ near my home town, where it is alleged that witchcraft and black magic is practised from quite a long time. Folklore has it that black magic is performed here from ancient times and once upon a time some black magicians resided in this place, who were so powerful that they could turn people into sheep and goats. Of course as a rational young student, I never believed these stories.

This particular incident happened almost seven years back. Theres a sanctuary near Mayong called Pobitora sanctuary. Went there with a guy from Delhi, whom I met and befriended on a train journey few days back. While returning, we ran into a massive storm and had to stop our car in Mayong to wait for the storm to pass. It was thundering pretty bad and we decided it was safer for us to stay in a small road side shelter than to stay inside the car.

Its a small little rural place and since it was almost dusk and the horrible weather meant the whole market place was deserted. While waiting in the shelter, another middle aged man came running into the shelter, fully drenched. The sound of rain and wind was so intense that it was impossible to talk among ourselves, so we just smiled at the stranger and waited.

After around an hour of intense storm, rain and lightnings, all became quiet. It was a pitch black night. We started our car and began driving back to my home town, which is hardly 150 kms from that place. The stranger I mentioned before was also with us as he requested us to drop him at a place on our route, because it was late and he will have difficulties to get any public buses (Its a very remote place and condition of the roads as well as the public transportation is still pathetic to this date. So his concerns were genuine).

I know what you guys must be thinking. Its a perfect set up for horror stories and next our car will be stalled in a deserted place and something bad will happen to us. Let me assure you, nothing of these sorts happened. We dropped the person near his home, which was some 10–15 kms from Mayong and returned home safely. So where's the balck magic you may ask. Well, read on.

While in the car we chit chat a bit and he let us know that he was a farmer. I joked about the stories of Mayong and how fabricated they are. He said that though the stories of turning people into sheeps is bogus, black magic is real and to this date, some people do practise it and they can do some things. When asked whether he does know something like these or not, he just smiled amd said nothing. When he was about to get down, he told that he was going to make some predictions for each one of us and if they match in future, we may acknowledge that magic is indeed true. For me he told that I will marry someone from Mayong itself, What will be my job in future and where I will settle down, when my father will die, some more events of my future and finally, when will I die. For the person travelling with me, he said some things similar but most importantly he told him that something very very bad is going to happen to him on March 2015 which will have a devastating impact on his life. Though a bit weird, we didn't pay much attention and drove off.

Its 2017 now and each of his words have come to be true till now. I am married to a girl from Mayong, whom I met later in college, my father passed away suddenly from stroke in the exact time he mentioned, my job and the place I settled in has also matched. Apart from some relatively minor ones, the only significant prophecy left is the day I die, and thankfully thats long in future.

As for my friend, every word has been true as well. On March 2015, his wife died in a car crash and he was crippled for life. So there is indeed something called magic.

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