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Soul reader’s thoughts…

Soul reader’s thoughts…


I know souls are a complicated matter and a lot of you might wonder how soul reading works, how I found my gift and calling for soul reading.. let me try to put this into words , the words that will make sense to you, as to the outsider it may sound whack or complicated , i totally get that..




Here it goes .

I first did not exactly know what I was doing and what was happening when I first soul read someone, because it was on accident and not on someone I knew. It happened a few years ago , pretty randomly, unexpectedly as I was walking on a street and suddenly happened to feel all kinds of emotions, it was overwhelming, at some point breathing got more difficult, i had no idea what was happening, but somehow I just knew they don’t belong to me. I brushed it all off and kinda ignored it till one day it happened again when I looked in someone’s eyes while having small talk and felt their emotions. Vividly.. I realised then what happened before was not random at all and that if I look in the eyes of someone everything is stronger and more clear. Its like i see that persons mind ? Or was it their soul? Its like i read their heart, their deepest desires, thoughts even . I was still confused but realised it was something very very special.


I started reading more and more , sometimes on purpose sometimes not but I really kind of understood what I was able to do so I offered to read someone,a friend of my girlfriend that was going through some bad personal stuff. I figured it could help her plus I would be able to actually make sure that i was not tripping, that the things i was seeing were real..

So I mentioned some specific things that she felt and depicted some images I saw when I closed my eyes after reading through her eyes. Only when she confirmed all was accurate besides one little detail I understood that it’s something that can be helpful to people and that it’s pretty accurate - especially when compared to a lot of other fortune telling techniques. I was seriously wowed by my ability to read souls and i still am to some point.. When i read your souls ( those of you who have already worked with me know this) and you tell me how accurate I am, i still get butterflies of some sort. I am happy that my gift helps you this much.


Now that the “origin” of the story is told , I want to tell you how this affects me personally. When I am reading someone I do that by feeling their emotions, sometimes with words and images popping into my mind. When I do feel a person’s feelings I fully resonate with them as their emotions are mine. That makes reading souls pretty demanding and I can’t do it accurately under stress or if “forced”.


Now I think maybe some of you reading this wonder how do I put all of those emotions, images and words into a redacted reading. Basically it works like a puzzle, the “work” does not stop at purely reading, I have to decipher and make sense of all the emotions and images to accurately tell the “story” of the soul, so that whoever ordered that reading gets a quality , helpful reading.


Soul readings can be both helpful and interesting to people in different ways. It can either make you know more about your soul and feed your curiosity or they can help you better fulfil your soul’s desires, therefore making the soul happy.

When ordering a reading on someone else it can help you know more about that person’s soul. That can be used out of curiosity or for both good and bad reasons, but how the information present in a soul reading is used, is up to the person who orders it. Lets just say that the person that I read is exposed to me .. its some pretty damn powerful shit if u ask me :)


Now that I think I have told the essentials about soul reading and my story, I want to give a little “guide” on what kind of soul reading is right for different reasons:


The “Sit down with a  Soul Reader” is for a more in-depth soul reading of yourself or someone else, I normally go into more points in these readings.


The “Your soul is gonna be happy only if:” is only a reading for yourself and seeing what are the soul’s desires, what is fulfilled inside the soul and what is not. Basically it’s a general reading of your soul that includes finding your soul’s desires with the whole reason of helping you better understand your soul and what can make your soul happier.



With all of this said, I hope this article was insightful and interesting for all reading and I wish all of you to have happy souls and a happy life!

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