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Custom mentor program- BY REQUEST ONLY

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This program will be developed according to what YOU want to learn. Say you want to start from zero and then venture out into the black magic and want me to guide you from the very start one on one . Or if you cant be bothered joining the membership and want to learn everything extra fast. Or if you have a very difficult situation and need a custom strategy . 

This is not a program for someone who is looking to become friends with the deities, make pretty spell jars and mix herbs . This is a program that will make you into the real witch.  If THIS cant- I don’t know what can  !  I will literally show you everything my grand mom and my moroccan mentor taught me and I will always start the program with developing your abilities first. N


If you don’t have PayPal or Apple Pay or cant use your card for some reason :send me DM on Instagram @ celebritywitch_official or email: