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About us

The school is led by a former supermodel and her witchy best friend, who is the CEO of a global private aviation company. These two friends have been practicing witchcraft for more than a decade, and both of their lives serve as proof that when the craft is executed properly, one can live a life that only the top 1% experience.

The club boasts thousands of loyal members with an average retention rate of 75% over 17 months. This phenomenal rate indicates that more than 75% of all students choose to remain within the school for over a year at a time. Now, ask yourself why. Would they do so if the results were not shocking? If the service and quality of our work were not top-notch?

Please visit our Instagram and explore the story highlights where people, just like you, leave reviews on a daily basis. There are thousands and thousands of them.

We teach everything from basic, effective spells to more advanced witchcraft, including black magic, runes, church and cemetery magic, Middle Eastern witchcraft, and more. Additionally, we have a boutique that offers once-in-a-lifetime readings and services, such as future predictions, past life readings, money and love readings, tarot and runes readings, soul readings, and more. The services we offer are one-of-a-kind. Please check them out; we guarantee they will shock you and change your life. (Yes, seriously.)

Thank you for visiting us, and for those ready to join us: your story may be our next big success story. We are here for you 24 hours a day.


Q and A


Can I join from any country?

Answer: as long as you own a card or have PayPal you will be fine

I do not have PayPal, how do I join?

Answer: Join in the boutique section and you will be sent custom logins

How to cancel?

Answer: Anytime via your PayPal account, log  into the PayPal account, go to payments, and cancel

Why should I read the theory you post?

Answer: Because if you don't know any of it you are not safe. If you spend time studying, you will be safe and get faster results

How much info is there inside the club?

Answer: Enough for you to be busy for many months ahead. New info is added constantly. You will be shocked by the quality AND quantity

What are the most common things that people tell you when they join?



Remember, there IS a reason why this club is so madly successful.