Q and A – Celebritywitch

Q and A

  1. Can I join from any country? as long as you own a card, or paypal you will be fine
  2. I do not have paypal, how do i join? Join in the boutique section and you will be sent custom logins
  3. How to cancel? Anytime via your paypal account, login into the paypal account, go to payments and cancel
  4. Why should I read theory and your diary? Because if you dont know any of it you are not safe. If you spend time on studying, you will be safe and get faster results
  5. How much info is there inside the club? Enough for you to be busy for many months ahead. New info is added constantly
  6. What are the most common things that people tell you when they join? WOW YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE AND I FOREVER OWE YOU CW. 


Remember, there IS a reason why this club is so madly successful. Period.