Terms and conditions – Celebritywitch

Terms and conditions

  • As a digital service that you have access to only once you pay , you have to agree that the information here is private and took years to collect . Please be mindful of my efforts and time invested into this project, I am aware that some people want to take advantage of charge backs but it will not be tolerated . If you wish to cancel your membership please be civil and cancel it via your recurring subscriptions in your paypal account instead of accessing,reading, printing out, copying mine and my grandmothers’ work and then demanding your fee back . Thats mean and RUDE. After you use my club , there cant be any refunds , you simply cancel if you are done . Why? Cuz you already had access to my work. 
  • Custom spells - once you purchase a custom spell / rune formula separately and have me spend my time and energy on it , and then demand a refund , it will not be tolerated . 
  • Anyone that creates the account and cancels it within the first 24 hours , will be forcefully removed from the club and no refunds will be issued . I do not want anybody that is so fickle and does not take the craft serious inside the Club.