Real Witchcraft – Celebritywitch

Whats inside

This is just a short summary so you have an idea re: what is inside the club:
1) Theory- you must read theory before you start manifesting. If you don't its like trying to become a Formula1 racer and not knowing how to drive. 
2) Standard level spells include : BASIC spells for protection, hexes, removal of someones protection, basic school, career, money, health and love spells, moon cycle calendar , basic weight loss spells.
3) Broke Bitch level: a few spells , added monthly to help you STOP being a broke bitch so you can upgrade to the higher levels and have enough money for the necessities 
4) Black magic level : includes all spells in the standard level plus cemetery based rituals , and some light demon work. We do not work with anything that is dangerous fyi, we explain every spell step by step so you are safe . In this level we learn how to manipulate someones mind and alter their behavior, we strip them off their natural protection and weaken their will, we use the dead to help us manifest, we learn how to divert negativity from ourselves onto objects or other people and much more.
5) Runes level: this level has standard and black magic levels included . Runes level is for those who want to elevate their journey to the whole different level. You will find sigils such as those that intensify your own power, formulas to help you win legal battles, formulas that help you take something from someone for example someone's luck etc. Sigils for wishes etc etc. There are a lot of formulas and new ones are added constantly.
6) Beauty level: Our best selling level, everything from height to altering your looks, face lift formulas and rituals , weight loss, breast and bum augmentation, clear skin, etc etc. All work like...magic! This level is our best selling for a reason. Also includes standard, black magic and rune levels. You pay 60 dollars a month and your returns are INFINITE. Think of 60$ that give you the life and beauty of your dreams. Dont u think YOU are worth of this small investment? 
7) Advanced level: includes all levels mentioned before plus rituals that will change your whole life ( if they dont we will refund you) . This level has the advanced theory chapter that is a must read. Here we learn how to diagnose your own abilities, how to see what entity you may have , how to make your own entity, how to turn someone into your slave, advanced love spells, advanced money spells etc, mirror magic and much much much more.
8) Middle eastern studies : learn how to use the power of Quran to manifest your dreams ( no jinn work )  this is a separate level and you will have access only to it. This is because non muslim clients should not have access to this level and vice versa
9) Entity and Cathedral level: includes all levels mentioned before plus larve and entity work, cathedral based spells, possessions, super advanced cleanses plus super advanced rituals for any type of a problem you may EVER face in your life.