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Astro map reading

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Considering moving to a different country?
Making plans to travel and don’t know what to expect? Or simply curious where in the world are you destined to experience the sense of belonging, advance your career or meet the love of your life?

Astrology provides answers for all of those questions with the “Astro Map Reading”.

How this works:

1. Send your astrological data (location, time and date).
2. State your goal: to find a place which would feel like home, trigger your career or spiritual growth, establish your reputation, create a community, meet your life partner etc.
3. Specify the area you are interested in (Europe, US, Asia, Middle East etc.) or name a specific country you’re considering traveling/moving to.
4. Our personal astrologer will tell you what places are a must visit and which places you should avoid like fire (if any) and why.

You can use this reading as a top-up for any other astrology reading in CW Club as well as a separate product.