Past life reading for a couple – Celebritywitch

Karmic lovers or soul mates?

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Let us take you and your partner ( or someone else ) into your previous life. Lets see what you meant for each other back then, were you a couple? Or maybe you went through something tragic together? What lessons are you meant to learn in this life? WHY DID YOU MEET THEM AGAIN? What happened in that last life between you? Did you hurt them maybe and the roles have now  switched? Are you supposed to end up with them? Lets get you some clarity.


This reading will give you answers to all of your '???' and give you clarity to what now perhaps makes no sense.. or does, but is toxic or problematic.


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for everyone who cant move on, or keeps getting hurt by the same person, or got hurt deeply and needs clarity..or simply for the love birds who want to know what happened to them before