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Standard membership if you dont have PayPal

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Standard membership is great if you want to have a little peak into the world of witchcraft. Spend your evenings reading a ton of theory that I spent MONTHS writing for YOU, read my diary where I share my own magic experiences and the most insane stories , start casting basic love spells, hexes, basic beauty rituals, have a look at the strongest cleanses and protection rituals and much more . You can always upgrade !

If you don’t have PayPal or Apple Pay or have a problem with your card : You can still join and be a member within 5 minutes . 

Go to ( it is SUPER easy and available in every country , they also have an app FYI)


Instructions:Quickly register , pick  your own currency . Next- pick my currency ( France , Euro) now enter my IBAN account : BE81967164595424, and my account name : Celeb Witch Publishing LTD , send the fee and send me a screen either on Instagram @ celebritywitch_official or email: